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Quality of fuel is a decisive factor for reliable engine performance. For efficient combustion, fuel economy, enhanced life of fuel injection pump, injectors and fine filters , fuel must be clean and free of water and microbial contamination.

Advanced fuel protection and filtration systems from Ecotech FZE ensures reliable engine performance, reduced down time, extended life of components and efficient fuel utilization.

Water is always present in diesel. Naturally occurring microbial activity in storage and engine’s tanks breaks up diesel and degrades its efficiency commonly referred to as biodegradation. Microbial activity introduces a host of harmful and corrosive byproducts, which invariably impair filtration systems and harm fuel injection systems.

Corroded injectors, premature failures of fuel injection pumps, fuel pump failures, excessive fuel consumption, smoke, engine running rough, high engine noise and excessive vibration etc. are often caused by contaminated and degraded diesel.

Ecotech Fuelmag can fix bio degradation of diesel and fix the problem permanently without chemical biocides. The benefits are: Clean contamination free diesel, clean tanks, extended life for fine filters, efficient performance of coalescer filters, extended life for injectors, fuel pump and efficient combustion of injected fuel.

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